Omega Replica – One-of-a Kind Timekeeper Embellished Displays the Ancient Japanese Decorative Technique

Omega Replica

Omega Replica, a timekeeper created by Kees Englebarts, a Dutch artist based in Switzerland, has been launched. This limited edition piece features a beautiful scene featuring a sparrow and hawk, which was created using a fascinating dial. The entire model's face is embellished with a very laborious metalworking technique that replicates natural patterns. This technique was originally created to decorate the guards of traditional samurai swords, which are known as tsuba in Japanese. This artistic watch features the same beautifications on the AS 690 mechanical caliber, which has a power reserve of more than a week. The large, platinum housing houses this work of art.

Kees Engelbarts is the man behind this stunning piece. Kees Engelbarts was originally a hand-engraver. He later visited Japan to learn about an ancient Japanese decorative technique known as mokume-gane. This technique was developed in Japan in 17th century. It was initially used to decorate guards for replica Later, it was extended to other objects. Mokume-gane, which can be translated to "wood eye metal" (or "wood grain metal") refers to metal decorations that mimic wood's natural grain.

Engelbarts learned the technique and began to work with different watch-making companies in the production of various components. Engelbarts decided to create his own brand at the turn of the century so that his art could be named after him. Engelbarts has been making beautiful pieces since then. Engelbarts watches are made over several months because the process of decorating takes a long time and is done entirely by hand by the master craftsman. It is no surprise that the new model Omega Replica was made in one piece.

The face of the new watch depicts an iconic scene from one of the most well-known and beautiful tsuba decorations. This scene features a sparrow and hawk, originally created by Hamano Masanobu around the middle of 19th century. Engelbarts used a variety of noble metals in its creation.

The background was created using a combination of white gold,omega replica watches silver and acid. This acid treatment alters the appearance and gives the surface a mokuma-gane appearance. The pink and shakudo mixtures (which are mostly copper and a small amount of gold) make the branch that the birds sit on.

The hawk is also made from rose gold, with its claws made out of yellow gold and sterling. This is the same mix that was used to create its claws. The sparrow's leaf is made from bronze, and the leaves between them are made of green-gold.

Each element of this complex, mesmerizing scene was made naturally by hand. Then soldered and then engraved again by hand. Some parts can also be patinated with chemicals.

A large platinum housing is combined with the lovely dial. It is set beneath a sapphire glass with glare-proofed treatment. The platinum case measures 49 mm in width and 19 mm in thickness.Richard Mille replica watches The platinum case is round and somewhat irregularly shaped due to the expansion at the lower left. This expansion was required because of the extraordinarily large barrel of this movement. The movement in this case is noS AS 690. Kees Engelbarts uses these new-old stock movements from the middle of the 20th century exclusively in his products. This mechanical movement is hand-wound and has a very long power reserve of around 8 days.

The movement, just like the beautiful dial, is also decorated using mokume-gane technique. This can be seen on its backside which is made of transparent sapphire.

The exact price of the item is unknown at this time. The watch's uniqueness, beautiful appearance, and the hand-crafted work of Kees Engelbarts will make it a very expensive piece. It will only be available to watch and art enthusiasts with deep pockets.