Blancpain Replica GMT-6 Watch Only 2015

Blancpain Replica

Aurel Bacs of Phillips Auctions will host the sixth iteration the Only Watch charity auction. It will take place in Geneva on the 7th November. Blancpain Replica is an independent watchmaker who has created a unique timepiece called Blancpain Replica GMT-6 for this biennial charity auction.replica watches This watch is one of 43 exclusive timepieces being auctioned. All proceeds will go to research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Blancpain Replica's hand-made watches are distinguished by their attention to detail, high quality movement design, and beautiful dials. This watch is not an exception.

The Blancpain Replica GMT-6 watch is housed within a 39mm diameter stainless steel case. This watch has an extraordinary white gold Grand-Feu enamel dial that is partially covered in translucent blue enamel in its central part. It features a concentric wave motif.

The hour circle has a Clou-de-Paris-style pattern. Some gold Roman numerals have been added. The second time-zone counter also has the same finish. The rotating disc serves two functions.Blancpain Replica One is an independent 24-hour counter that shows a second time zone, while the other is a night/day indicator. These can be seen on two different zones: one with a sun motif and yellow translucent enamel at the top, and one with an engraved moon motif and blue translucent enamel below.

The Blancpain Replica GMT-6's heart is finished to the highest standard, with polished angles and hand-crafted frost surface on the bridges. This highly-engineered and sophisticated movement features a unique escapement with two escapement wheels. When fully wound, the watch can store enough energy for 65 hours.

Every part of the movement has been meticulously designed and assembled in Blancpain Replica’s workshop. This includes wheel spokes that are bevelled, inward angles and screws-heads polished, and the balance wheel bridge black polished on an oval shape.

For the end, I have more information. On the reverse side of this watch, you will see the engravings "Only Watch" & "Unique Piece".